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We Buy Houses, no matter what condition!

We buy houses, you’ve seen the signs all over Cincinnati. Heck, they’re even used to be billboards that say we buy houses for cash or we buy houses posted by direct house buyers. There are a lot of Cincinnati house buyers in Cincinnati. A lot of them come and go and very few have been in business for a long time. This article will help you determine a detailed approach before you call one of the the We buy houses guys in Cincinnati to make sure you sell to one who has cash, and can close fast.

1. Cincinnati Home Buyers or the guys that claim We buy houses should pay cash for your house and be able to close in 7 days or less and not have to get a loan. If they can’t pay cash, find someone who can. I’ve bought over 650 houses and out of those it’s never taken me more then 10 days to close on a house. A true Cincinnati house buyer won’t have a problem with this and will be able to actually pay cash and not have to get a loan. Ask the most important question- do you have cash or do you need to get a loan to buy my house?

2. Should I do the work, or sell the house as-is. The Cincinnati we buy houses guys are used to buying houses that need work, true investors won’t have an issue with this. You will be selling it at a discount in exchange for getting a fast closing with no realtor fee’s. A serious Cincinnati house buyer won’t have an issue with the house needing lots of work. That’s their specialty.

3. Should I hire a realtor? Typically listed properties take 3-6 months to sell and the buyer will need to get a loan and do inspections. This process can take 30-60 days on average. Selling to a cincinnati house buyer means a fast closing with no realtor fee’s. True We Buy Houses direct house buyers won’t charge any fees.

4. What is the process in selling my house to one of the we buy houses for cash cincinnati guys? If you call me I will make an offer on the house over the phone, text, or email and setup a closing for 7-10 days. You wouldn’t pay any realtor fee’s or have to wait for a loan to go through. If you’re looking for a direct local Cincinnati house buyer call or email me today! 513- 445-2274 Mitch Painter

How to sell my house fast

Every Cincinnati realtor and their mother wants to list my house. I don’t want to list my house for sale, I want to sell it to a direct we buy houses company in Cincinnati! I made the mistake of contacting a realtor to sell my house fast, only to be pitched for them to list my house. It’s the same old sales pitch with no results. If I’m looking to sell my house fast, like 7 days fast, who should I call in Cincinnati that is a We Buy Houses company?

Mitch Painter has bought over 250 houses and specializes in houses that need a lot of work in every neighborhood of Cincinnati. He’s Cincinnati’s most well known “We Buy Houses” guys and is the guy to call if you’re thinking to yourself “How do I sell my house fast in Cincinnati”?

The process of “selling my house fast” with Mitch Painter in Cincinnati is quite simple. Call his cell at 513-445-2274 and he’ll make an offer on your property within 48 hours and close in 7-14 days. He won’t do inspections and will buy the property in as-is condition. Avoid waiting and realtor fee’s and call today!

Mitch started buying houses while attending the University of Cincinnati when he was only 19 years old! He did all the work himself for the first 4 years including plumbing, electrical, siding, tile, and much more. His twin brother Matt Painter joined him a few years later and they began buying rental properties around the University of Cincinnati and started their “We Buy Houses” company as well to buy and renovate property all over Cincinnati.

There’s a ton of realtors in Cincinnati and a ton of people who claim to be able to help those who say I need to sell my house fast, but most rarely can close in 7 days, like Mitch Painter has done hundreds of times. Call his cell today 513-445-2274! Mitch Painter

How to Sell your House Fast

How to Sell your House Fast

The Growing Need for People Who Will Buy Homes Fast

You may well already know there is a need for people who buy homes fast. But do you realize how much and how fast that need is growing? Unfortunately, this is very true. While there has always been some need for this all along, the current downward spiral of both the economy and the housing market has spawned a whole new crop of desperate homeowners. In the past they were frequently turned down and told nobody could help them. This resulted in many homeowners being literally forced out onto the streets. Nowadays there is renewed hope for them, as more and more investors are specializing in buying homes fast. There is now a way out.


How to Sell your House Fast

Who Is Their Market?
What kind of people are in need of someone to buy their home fast? In previous years the assumption may have been that these people were just derelicts that did not want to work or had an expensive habit they spent their money on instead of their mortgage. This is simply NOT TRUE! Both then and now, these desperate homeowners are just like you and I. Many people have lost their jobs or their own business. Sometimes a spouse dies and their widow is left with a financial burden that they cannot meet. It doesn’t even have to be a financial reason. Perhaps they have received a mandatory location transfer on their job. Now they must move to another state, and very quickly. Perhaps the homeowner got married and does not need their own home any longer. Perhaps they have a change in the number of family members living with them, so now they need a different home entirely. There are a lot of people who need to sell their homes fast and with as few hassles as possible.


Can I Sell My House Fast in Cincinnati?

Can I Sell My House Fast in Cincinnati?

Everyone knows that it can take forever to sell a home. Like it or not, that is just a fact of life. However; due to popular demand, a new fact of life has popped up. That is; now there is a market specifically for people who need to sell their house fast. Of course the term “fast” as applied to selling a home is relative. You still may not be able to sell your home overnight. But thanks to a new type of buyer; the ones that advertise “we buy houses fast,” there are ways to significantly speed up the process. This often provides much needed relief for sellers who want this kind of a deal. Let us delve into this a little bit more.

Can I Sell My House Fast in Cincinnati?

How Is This Possible?

Years ago this may not have been possible. Nowadays; however, it is. Like we mentioned earlier; there is a relatively new type of home buyer in existence. They have the expertise and the connections they need to allow them to buy homes quickly. It is also fairly easy to locate them. Go to your favorite Internet search engine and type in “need to sell my home fast” and see the list of them pop up. You can confirm this by clicking on each pertinent description that is listed as a result of your search. They will say somewhere in their profile “we buy houses fast.” You might want to jot down a list of them manually in preparation for finding out more about them.

Are These Buyers More Likely to Scam Me?
Not necessarily! As with a normal home purchase you will want to thoroughly check out each potential buyer BEFORE you sign any contracts with them. However it is not true that they would be more likely to be scam artists than normal home buyers. They are simply filling a void that was sorely needed by a lot of people. In the past, people who needed to get out of their home quickly were told “tough luck, we are sorry, but we cannot help you.” Now there ARE people or companies out there that can help these same people. There are good and bad people in every facet of life. The key factor here is to do your homework and check them out first.

There is New Hope for You
The fantastic news we hope to bring you is that; if you do need to sell your house fast no matter what the reason, there IS hope and actual help for you. If you are in this type of situation for a financial reason you are able to find a buyer; he or she will understand that you want to be discreet. This is not usually the kind of thing you want the world to find out about. If you use a reputable buyer of distressed properties, they certainly WILL be discreet about everything.

It is Not Always Easy to Sell “AS IS”

It Is Not Always Easy to Sell “As Is”

Is your home in need of some repairs? If you are trying to sell a building that is not in “show” condition, you are probably worried about the costs involved in repairs, cleaning, and maintenance. Selling your home “as is” might seem like the perfect solution to your problem. It can help you save money on repairs, and possibly move out more quickly, but there are also some inherent risks involved.

Dangers of Selling “As Is”

The obvious risk involved is that you might need to sell your home for an incredibly low price. Sometimes it is wiser to pay for repairs to your home, and consider the money as an investment toward a higher sale price.

Another risk involved with selling “as is” involves failing to understand the law. While the rules vary in different areas, you need to disclose any problems with your house. Buyers are protected by the law, and they have a right to know everything that you know about the building. If you keep something a secret, hoping that you can “trick” buyers into signing a contract, you might find yourself at the wrong end of a lawsuit.

Even if you advertise your home “as is”, a buyer can generally negotiate for some repairs. Until that contract is signed, it can be changed by both the buyer and the seller. Simply because you want to sell your home in its current condition, it does not mean that you will find someone to buy it “as is”.

Why Sell Your Home “As Is”?

There are many factors that lead to “as is” sales, and these are just some of the most common reasons:

  • Repairs are not an option. Sometimes people simply do not have the money to fix their home before selling it.
  • There is not enough time. If you need to sell your home fast, there might not be enough time to wait for upgrades and repairs. Reasons for a fast sale include moving interstate, or going through a messy divorce.
  • The house might require a complete rebuild. So, you decided to sell your home, but you have realized that the only way to sell it is to go through a complete rebuild? Selling “as is” could be the only feasible options.

Find Someone Who Will Buy “As Is”

It might be difficult to find a real estate broker who can sell your home, unless you are willing to pay for at least some repairs. If you are faced with the daunting task of trying to sell a house that has seen better days, it can be easier to sell to a private buyer; there are people who buy houses that need extensive repairs, with the goal of selling them for a profit. This might be the most inexpensive way to sell your home.