Sell Your House Fast

Who does not think of settling in an elegant, principal city of the United States? 

Well, a lot of people nowadays want to improve their living standards by shifting to essential cities in the United States. Cincinnati is a beautiful city in the state of Ohio. It has the world’s second-largest employment rate, and a lot of people would want to get their hands on a property in such a beautiful place. 

Fortunately, if you already have a house in this beautiful city, you can make a lot of money by selling it. However, did you know that rent to own contract could be an excellent way to sell your house

As much as the benefits there are for this particular-way to sell house fast, your property could become an investment through which you can earn month after month. To excel in the task to sell the house that you own, read the tips below, and find the home selling solution you have been looking for! 

1- Finalize a realistic down payment: Sell my house

A down payment or an option fee needs to be practical in a rent to own contract. Your buyer won’t be able to come up with a reasonable down payment if they haven’t been able to be qualified for a loan due to a lack of down payment. An option fee should be somewhat kept between a price that your buyer could afford. Nothing should come in the way of your dealership, and you can sell your house faster than ever! 

2- A detailed and comprehensive contract 

Rent in our agreement should be finalized carefully; it must mention all the crucial points. The contract shall cover everyday situations that are to be faced by the buyer and the seller. This way, there will be no clashes between the two parties since everything was mentioned on the contract beforehand. Your agreement must consist of the following: 

  • Maintenance and repairing of the house: This point shall be kept clear to the buyer for who will be in charge of what. For minor repairs and regular house inspections, the duty is handed over to the potential owner. However, it is the responsibility of the house owner to fix a major issue whenever it comes up. 
  • Tax: Property taxes are the responsibility of the person whose name is written on the deed. Whereas in some cases, a potential buyer will be charged a reimbursement cost taking into consideration the amount of tax to be paid. 
  • Time for the contract: If you want to sell your house fast, the lease term of your contract should last a year. However, it is up to you for how long you want to keep the contract. 
  • Honesty: A potential buyer would be discouraged to buy houses if they find something that was disclosed by the owner, i.e., not something that is fundamentally wrong. Hence, contingency on both sides will be appreciated. 
  • Violation of the contract: A foreclosure process must be carefully highlighted to make sure the tenant is aware of what could be the cost of violating the contract. 

3- Fixing your home: Sell my house fast for cash  

To find a potential buyer, you will need to make your house look presentable. No one wants to invest in a place that is already giving an unpleasant view. No one would want to buy a house first and then invest in it to make it presentable. You must fix your home before starting with the process of advertising to find potential tenants. 

Start off with the paint; if it is old and worn off, then you definitely need to give life to your place. Next, move on to the little fixes, the windows, cabinets, closet, and bathrooms. If you want to sell your house fast, then make sure your home is habitable. 

4- Take the advice from a pro 

If you’re going to set up your house for a rent to own contract, you must consult a professional. They will help you set up the deal with all the necessary elements in it. The advertisement of your property will be in their hands, and they will for sure find a suitable buyer for your house. Every process of the rent to own contract will be legally and ethically. It will be able to help you create an income-producing asset that could come handy in the future. 

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5- Determine the rent of your house 

The best way to know what you should be expecting a buyer to pay is by finding out what the market rate is for rent for an apartment similar to your house size. You can consult a professional to let you know the prices of rent around your area. The location, size, and amenities which are a pool, garage, terrace, etc. also count in when finalizing the monthly rent. 

For any inquiries, contact our team as we buy house cash in Cincinnati and know the rates. 

6- Sell house fast for cash  

Finally, you shall be able to have a proper record of the monthly rent payments. Accurate dates and timing must be set to keep a record of everything. A spreadsheet could be organized to add information on time. 

Other than this, you shall always be in contact with the tenant. When the expiration date of the contract approaches, they should have a final decision of whether they will buy the property or not. If they decide to buy a house, they will have to start with the investigation of mortgages, so they are able to finance their purchase. 

Contact a real estate lawyer who will do the paperwork for you so that you can proceed with the process of selling your house. 

Final Words 

Rent to own contract could be the solution you are looking for to sell your house in Cincinnati. It brings along many benefits and most importantly, doesn’t make you regret later. You will find this option a worthy asset for your future, and nothing will go wrong if you follow the tips above! Feel free to contact our team for any queries and sell your house.