What gets houses sold fast in this ever diverse and dynamic real estate market? Anyone who knows anything about real estate knows the lengthy process of buying and selling a house. Selling a house is a huge deal. You would want to know the nitty gritty details in the whole process.

Naturally, the focus is on the money to be made and the income to be earned from selling your house. But it also pays to understand the process. It pays to have well-informed decisions so you clearly know you are not walking into a half-baked deal that could have more potential than you know.  

There can just be so many tips and tricks you’ll find all over Google. If you have been hopping around looking for advice on how to sell a house fast, you must have already come across various articles about staging, negotiating with buyers, the best season to sell. Whether you are seeking options for a realtor to sell you house or you wish to sell your house fast, it is imperative to clearly understand the selling process.

Let us take a closer look at the home selling process and go over the essential elements that can provide insight on how to sell a house fast in Cincinnati.

First and foremost, figure out if it is possible to sell your house. If your house is on mortgage, you might want to think twice about selling right away. You will highly likely need to pay off mortgage before trying to sell your house. Know the sum of your mortgage payoff. If this amount, along with closing costs, realtor fees, and taxes, exceed the amount you get from the sale of your home, you will need to bring money to the closing. Yikes! Well, this is usually the case for most Americans selling their houses.

If your house is on mortgage, you can figure it out by knowing the exact debt you still owe for your house. To this amount, add 10% of the amount you think your house will sell for. This will cover closing costs at 4% and realtor fees at 6%. Deduct the total amount from the estimated sale price of your house. A positive number means you can definitely move forward and sell your house with a realtor’s help.

If you get a negative number, deduct the approximate amount for the realtor fee. The number will likely come out positive. This means you are better off selling  your house without a realtor. Your closest option is direct buyers.

While selling your house with the help of a realtor comes with its advantages and convenience, the other side of the coin also has its fair trade-offs. Know that if you choose to have realtor sell your house, you will need to sign and comply with a listing agreement. Be informed of what a listing agreement entails. A listing agreement is a contract. It comes with terms and you become legally bound to it once you execute it by signing. So you see, considering the option of having a realtor sell your house is a crucial decision you ought to consider carefully. You won’t want to regret the decision a couple of months down the road.

If you want to get insight on how to sell a house fast, you might want to explore the other path of the forked road and consider a direct buyer. A direct buyer can buy a house as is and buy it in cash. This necessitates no contract or terms anymore as it is an instant purchase. If you are fortunate to find someone who is willing to buy your house as is and for cash, consider the offer very carefully, especially if the price is equal to the amount you are selling your house for. Then you will be able to close on the sale of your house. Then give them the keys and finally get your money!

Once your house is sold, be it with the help of a realtor or to a direct buyer, you will need to work out all the agreements with the buyer for the actual transfer of possession. This begins with the exchange of keys and cash. In some cases, sellers do not live in the house they are selling. In others, the seller stays in the house and needs the funds from closing to afford the cost of moving out. These arrangements are usually ironed out before or during closing. Usually, it is the title company that releases the proceeds of the sale. This also needs to be arranged with careful setting of timelines and expectations between parties.

It is not a walk in the park to find the right real estate agent or sell your house to the right person. It is even tougher to master the skill of how to sell a house fast. You can get just about every piece of advice on how to sell a house fast as everybody would have well-intentioned advice to share. Consider this as a blessing still. Your network of people is a wealth to be utilized and managed wisely when dealing out your real property. If you are lucky enough to get connected with the right person to sell your house to, you are twice blessed. If luck does not come your way, then it is your job to seek it! As your needs are specific, so are the needs of potential buyers. Meeting those needs is the answer to how to sell a house fast. Cincinnati has a ton of realtors and investors, and there are also direct buyers who can buy your hour house in cash. Mitch and Matt Painter are direct buyers in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you are leaning towards selling your house fast, give them a ring at 513-360-8120.