Every Cincinnati realtor and their mother wants to list my house. I don’t want to list my house for sale, I want to sell it to a direct we buy houses company in Cincinnati! I made the mistake of contacting a realtor to sell my house fast, only to be pitched for them to list my house. It’s the same old sales pitch with no results. If I’m looking to sell my house fast, like 7 days fast, who should I call in Cincinnati that is a We Buy Houses company?

Mitch Painter has bought over 250 houses and specializes in houses that need a lot of work in every neighborhood of Cincinnati. He’s Cincinnati’s most well known “We Buy Houses” guys and is the guy to call if you’re thinking to yourself “How do I sell my house fast in Cincinnati”?

The process of “selling my house fast” with Mitch Painter in Cincinnati is quite simple. Call his cell at 513-360-8120 and he’ll make an offer on your property within 48 hours and close in 7-14 days. He won’t do inspections and will buy the property in as-is condition. Avoid waiting and realtor fee’s and call today!

Mitch started buying houses while attending the University of Cincinnati when he was only 19 years old! He did all the work himself for the first 4 years including plumbing, electrical, siding, tile, and much more. His twin brother Matt Painter joined him a few years later and they began buying rental properties around the University of Cincinnati and started their “We Buy Houses” company as well to buy and renovate property all over Cincinnati.

There’s a ton of realtors in Cincinnati and a ton of people who claim to be able to help those who say I need to sell my house fast, but most rarely can close in 7 days, like Mitch Painter has done hundreds of times. Call his cell today 513-360-8120! Mitch Painter