The process of selling a house is the same whether you are selling it on your own (FSBO) or working with a listing agent. But remember that specific details can differ a little from state to state. Basically, what we will list down here is a general guide that includes the essential steps to selling a house.

What are The Steps to Selling a House

The following 13 steps collect several of the best advice for selling your home.

Hire a Listing Agent

Choosing your listing agent is one of the important steps to selling a house. The agent will represent you and will look out for your best interests. Before hiring, make sure to interview and meet at least 3 listing agents. One of the things you’ll want to consider is their experience.

Here are questions you should ask:
  • How long your home will be listed
  • How much will you pay for the commission of the agent’s services?
  • Will you be paying the buyer’s agent commissions?

**One thing you should know is that you don’t have to use a real estate agent to sell your house. Also, you can sell it on your own, known as FSBO, or sell it to a cash home buyer by following the steps to selling a home by owner.**

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Set the Right Price

One of the most severe steps when selling a house mistakes that you can make is overpricing your home. There are online tools that can help you determine the fair market value of your home. If you are selling on your own, make sure to research comparable houses sold in the past 6 months or check listings on the price of at least 3 comparable houses. Your real estate agent being an expert can help you set the right price that can attract many buyers so you can have multiple offers. Pricing your home right is one of the most crucial steps to selling a house.

Have Your Home Prepared for Sale

Clean and declutter your home. Improve your property’s curb appeal because it sets the tone for your entire house. People will want to look more if they like the exterior of your home. An attractive curb appeal is said to increase a property’s selling price and make your home sell faster.

By following the legal steps to selling a house, you can hire a professional to stage your home for showings and take pictures to be posted online. Then, make necessary repairs as recommended by your agent. Before listing your home, you can also hire a home inspector to identify potential problem areas.

Market Your Property

Identify your home’s selling points and come up with the best copy for your Ads that capture the strengths of your property and make sure you are providing accurate details. You can hire a virtual tour company to take quality pictures to provide prospective buyers with online virtual tours. Make sure to saturate social media and other online sites with photographs and descriptions of your home.

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Show Your Home

To have more showings, you can have agents use a lockbox or keypad instead of making appointments. If you prefer appointments, be flexible because some potential buyers might want to see your home after work or during the weekend. You can have an open house but only sparingly, and make sure to ask for feedback so you can know what you need to adjust or change.

Receive Offers and Negotiate

When you set the right price for your home, you can expect to get multiple offers. Even if it’s a low offer, don’t ignore it. Instead, make a counteroffer to negotiate. Don’t wait to make a full-price counter offer if your price is competitive and you have comparable sales to back it up.

Your Agent Will Open Escrow and A Order Title Policy

Your agent will be the one to open escrow and order a title policy. Then, all you need to do is write down the contact information and pick a date to close based on when the buyer’s loan will be funded.


Make sure to clean your house before the appraiser arrives. In case you get a low appraisal, ask your agent about alternatives. If the buyer decides not to push through with the home sale and cancel the contract due to the appraisal, ask your lawyer or agent about your rights. An appraisal contingency in the contract is needed for them to pull out.

Prepare for Home Inspection

Have your agent provide you with a checklist on what you should do before the home inspection. Don’t forget to get the attic, basement, and garage ready for review too. Make sure the inspector won’t have a hard time getting through.

Provide Seller Disclosures

If you know any other material problems with your property, you should disclose them using a seller’s disclosure form. This includes issues with your property that could negatively affect the new owner’s enjoyment of the home.

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Negotiate Request for Repair

While you don’t have to accept the buyer’s request to make repairs, they have the right to back out of the deal if they have an inspection contingency in place. You can ask the buyer if they can agree with the steps for selling a house on closing cost credit instead of an actual repair. You’ll deduct the cost of repair from the sales price. They will be the ones to do the repairs once they assume ownership.

Ask the Buyer to Affirm Contingencies (if any)

Ask the buyer to release contingencies if they have them in the contract. This only means they affirm that the contingencies have been resolved. They are not required to provide a contingency release if you don’t ask for it.

Sign Documents and Close Escrow

The time of signing escrow documents depends on your location. For example, you might sign them shortly after opening escrow or closer to closing.

The final steps to selling your house are the closing, where you will sign the final paperwork and hand over your house keys. Your actual moving day will depend on the buyer’s possession rights. You might need to move on the day of closing or in advance.

Once everything is done, your sale proceeds will be wired to your bank, with fewer repair credits, agent commissions, and other fees.

If you don’t want to go through all these steps to selling a house, consider selling your home to a cash home buyer. Get a ballpark offer here.