Cincinnati, OH City
Cincinnati Ohio City

There you are, all set to move to a new city, and it’s no less the the Queen of the West – Cincinnati! Well, if you’re going to enjoy your stay and get all settled in real fast and real good, you had better get the lowdown on the beautiful city you’re moving to. Here, we’ll take you around Cincinnati to get you familiar as well as excited for the things that await you in your new home. It won’t hurt to start your move on the right foot. Get to know the local mobile apps and download them so you’re ready to explore. The first things you might want to do are to locate the important stores in your neighborhood and find out what your transportation options are. It’s okay to get a little lost as you explore. Just make sure you keep your phone charged! The locals in Cincinnati are quite friendly, so asking for directions won’t be such a challenge.

In another one of our blogs you will see that you are moving to a city rich in history and utter significance. It might excite you more to know that Cincinnati is among the top 50 on the list of best places to live according to the most recent rankings from US news and World Report in 2018. If you’ve looked before you moved, you would also know that Cincinnati’s median home cost is not as pricey as other states. It’s fun living in Cincinnati. If you dig spicy food, you would also be thrilled to know that more than 140 chili restaurants can be found in Cincinnati as chili is a local favorite.

Looking at reviews of residents in various random Cincinnati neighborhoods, you will also see that people who have been staying in Cincinnati love the place and community to bits! Let’s take a look at five of the most loved neighborhoods in Cincinnati.

Residents from Hyde Park only has good things to say about the community. Living in this area offers residents a suburban feel where most residents own their homes. There are lots of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks nearby. The population of Hyde Park is mostly comprised of young professionals. It is also a great place for families as residents tend to lean conservative and the public schools around Hyde Park are above average. Hyde Park is a friendly neighborhood that’s close enough to the action with all the benefits of in-town urban living that also offers a small-town feel. You will certainly live the life that is convenient, comfortable, and safe.

Another neighborhood that’s on the top list of cities ranked as the best places to live in Cincinnati is Columbia Tusculum. It is a small up and coming neighborhood fifteen minutes east of downtown Cincinnati. You can count on a one of a kind shopping experience in this area as it has a few unique staple locations that are go-to spots such as Zip’s, Terry’s Turf Club, and several parks and vintage shops. This is an area where the housing development is only growing and houses are getting flipped into high end properties. This makes it a perfect place for starter homes for couples and professionals. With Columbia Tusculum being on the rise with development, countless new businesses have begun flocking to this east side town. These include fitness centers, bars, restaurants, and breweries. It is also a friendly environment with most of the population being locals. You can imagine a neighborhood site for people to post bake sales, garage sales, missing pets, traffic, neighborhood watch, park events, and plays.

If you are a young professional who just graduated, Mt. Lookout is a perfect niche for you. There are plenty of neighborhood bars and late night spots that are always a good time! There’s a local brewery, great shopping places, and mom and pop Deli’s that are amazing places to hang out at. If you dig the outdoors, there are plenty of great hiking sites. This is just a great place where there’s lots to do and nice, cool people everywhere you walk. Ault Park is a must-go if you are around Mt. Lookout.

Then there’s Oakley, a wonderful place for young families just starting out. This is a neighborhood where the people are friendly and would go out of their way to help one another. The Oakley neighborhood is a mix of people who have lived in their homes for over twenty years and those who are new to the neighborhood. Restaurants, bars, and some nice boutique style shops are a walkable distance from most parts of Oakley. The sidewalks around Oakley are great for running. With the area constantly evolving and growing, people who have acclimated to the lifestyle in this neighborhood would not want to move anywhere else.

The fifth of these well-loved neighborhoods is East Walnut Hills. Residents love the vibrant daylight in this area balanced by a fun nightlife scene. This neighborhood offers the cozy suburban feels with the convenience of being just five minutes from downtown Cincinnati.

Huge plus that crime and safety are never major issues in this area and a huge majority of Cincinnati.

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