This is a Sterling Homes review. In 2021, we entrusted Sterling Homes and its owner, Brad Olinger, to build our dream home in Hyde Park, Cincinnati. After investing $1.6 million and enduring 28 months of delays and excuses, the construction abruptly halted.

We had no other choice but to complete the house ourselves, incurring an additional $400,000 above our loan. This ordeal led us to file a lawsuit against Sterling Homes and Brad Olinger in an attempt to recover our losses and address sub-contractor liens, adding even more expenses to the cost.

Had we reviewed the court cases against Sterling Homes, we might have avoided this terrible nightmare. Despite assurances from Brad Olinger that the project would take no more than 14 months, our Hyde Park home took a total of 30 months to finish. Managing the project’s completion became a full-time job.

I hope my post can serve as necessary caution in selecting the right home builder in Cincinnati. Ensure you perform thorough due diligence to avoid a situation like ours with Sterling Homes. Be careful and selective in your process to prevent such a stressful and costly experience.