We buy houses, you’ve seen the signs all over Cincinnati. Heck, they’re even used to be billboards that say we buy houses for cash or we buy houses posted by direct house buyers. There are a lot of Cincinnati house buyers in Cincinnati. A lot of them come and go and very few have been in business for a long time. This article will help you determine a detailed approach before you call one of the the We buy houses guys in Cincinnati to make sure you sell to one who has cash, and can close fast.

1. Cincinnati Home Buyers or the guys that claim We buy houses should pay cash for your house and be able to close in 7 days or less and not have to get a loan. If they can’t pay cash, find someone who can. I’ve bought over 650 houses and out of those it’s never taken me more then 10 days to close on a house. A true Cincinnati house buyer won’t have a problem with this and will be able to actually pay cash and not have to get a loan. Ask the most important question- do you have cash or do you need to get a loan to buy my house?

2. Should I do the work, or sell the house as-is. The Cincinnati we buy houses guys are used to buying houses that need work, true investors won’t have an issue with this. You will be selling it at a discount in exchange for getting a fast closing with no realtor fee’s. A serious Cincinnati house buyer won’t have an issue with the house needing lots of work. That’s their specialty.

3. Should I hire a realtor? Typically listed properties take 3-6 months to sell and the buyer will need to get a loan and do inspections. This process can take 30-60 days on average. Selling to a cincinnati house buyer means a fast closing with no realtor fee’s. True We Buy Houses direct house buyers won’t charge any fees.

4. What is the process in selling my house to one of the we buy houses for cash Cincinnati guys? If you call me I will make an offer on the house over the phone, text, or email and setup a closing for 7-10 days. You wouldn’t pay any realtor fee’s or have to wait for a loan to go through. If you’re looking for a direct local Cincinnati house buyer call or email me today! 513-360-8120 Mitch Painter