Cash Home Buyers in Cincinnati

If you’ve ever had to sell a house, you know how challenging the process can be. Even if you list your property with an agent, it’s rarely a simple effort. The fact is, it can take months or even years to close the sale and receive your cash.

A better alternative is to sell your house for cash to the Cincinnati Property Twins. By doing so, you avoid a stressful and even gut-wrenching experience – particularly if you need to sell your house fast for any reason.

Even with realtors holding a track record of great sales, there is never a guarantee that you will be able to sell your house in as little time as you would with a direct buyer.

The Painter twins have long established their names in being direct buyers of houses all over Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Property Twins do not set you up for a lengthy buy and sell process like the usual real estate process being followed. They purchase houses for cash. This means there is no need to stretch your already tight budget for house repairs and upgrades to make it more presentable for a nit-picky buyer or a demanding market that makes you feel your property is worth less than the price you name it for. The Cincinnati Property Twins can buy your house as is and pay cash for it. What’s more is they have a long-standing reputation as reliable direct buyers you would never regret choosing to work with.

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    Get a new job or promotion and need to relocate?

    Congratulations! Now you’ve got to find a new place to live, pack up your old life, arrange to move it all to your new location, tie up loose ends, prepare for the new position … and sell your house. Traditionally, that meant fixing it up, listing it, showing it, and hoping it sells before you have to report for the new job (and if not, you could face the added burden of double mortgage payments). Fortunately, it’s easy to sell your house fast with the Cincinnati Property Twins.

    Times like these call for no time to be wasted. A golden opportunity like a new job in a new place or a big promotion calls for a celebration and a lot of preparation for moving. Not to mention allocation of time for getting settled in the new place and being well-rested before you dive into the new role waiting for you. Being held back by circumstances you need to leave behind is one thing you don’t need. For instance, a house on mortgage that you cannot lose on so you need to sell it fast before you leave for the brand new life ahead of you. In times like these, you need a buyer who has a cash offer for your house. It may sound like a miracle or a remote possibility, but not for the Cincinnati Property Twins. They are your trusty cash home buyers in the Cincinnati area, who can get your mortgaged house off your lap quicker than any realtor can.


    We won’t congratulate you on that one. Even the friendliest divorce tends to be painful. If you and your spouse own a home together, you may want to sell it as quickly as possible to the Cincinnati Property Twins.

    We buy houses for cash and we understand that in certain situations, time is of the essence. Cash house buyers, as the term suggests, have cash for your house. Hence, the buying and selling process is not as grueling a deal with direct buyers. The turnaround time for a house to be successfully off your hands is way, way shorter than if you go the usual way of listing, marketing, and showing a house. Not to mention the contingencies and inspections that add to the long process of getting your property to escrow and closing. Plus, multiple offers even don’t guarantee a sale right away. If you think about it, selling your house may possibly even take more time than wrapping up your divorce process. Matt and Mitch Painter can help you get this burden off your lap in a timeframe faster than you perceive real estate processes to take. You can trust only the best and most seasoned in the field to take care of things for you, especially in crucial and time sensitive matters like this.

    Inherited property or need to settle an estate?

    Another one of life’s circumstances you may inevitably find yourself in is the sudden death of a loved one and your ultimate responsibility to take care of executing his or her estates. When you lose a beloved family member, that puts more than enough in your hands already that the burden of disposing of his or her property must be an awful excess weight to bear. If you are burdened with this responsibility in your time of grief, you would want to get things done sooner than later, and that is entirely understandable.

    An inheritance can be an unexpected burden. And when it’s associated with the loss of a loved one, it can be almost unbearable. If you’re the executor of an estate and need to distribute or dispose of real property, you may have more than enough on your plate. So let the Cincinnati Property Twins make you a cash offer and treat the entire process with the sensitivity you need.

    Seek only the expertise of direct buyers seasoned by experience and time spent in the field of direct buying. Matt and Mitch Painter have built solid relationships with clients all over Cincinnati, Ohio, and nothing speaks better than a good track record and positive reviews from various clients.

    We Buy Houses In Cincinnati, OH.

    We’ve already bought more than 650 houses in Cincinnati. If you’re ready to sell, then We Buy Houses Cincinnati would like to make an offer for yours.
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    Cincinnati Property Twins Mitch and Matt Painter buy houses “as is.” You don’t need to make repairs or improvements of any kind (our partners handle that). Revitalizing Cincinnati homes is a passion of the Painter twins, who believe in making it super easy for sellers to sell. They understand your need for execute quickly and can close in 10 days. If you’re looking for cash home buyers, Mitch and Matt are ready to do business with you.

    Why owners who say “I need to sell my house fast for cash” choose Cincinnati Property Twins Mitch and Matt Painter.

    Bob Hamm
    Bob Hamm
    “It was a relief that I didn’t have to deal with a realtor who often pressures you. (This was) much easier. I felt very comfortable knowing that there was somebody with me every step of the way.”
    Tony Phillips
    Tony Phillips
    “I didn’t have to take any time off from work. I had a lot of stuff and didn’t want to put things in storage while strangers rummaged through my house. A tremendous advantage was not paying a broker commission. It was a cash deal, so there wasn’t a lot of bureaucratic stuff. We went to the title office and that was it. The whole thing was very convenient and fast. I had a great experience. (The Painters) stay with their word.”
    Lou Peerless
    Lou Peerless
    “The experience was great. One meeting with Matt and it was obvious he was a straight shooter. Working with him was a pleasure. He’s a mensch. (Yiddish term for a person with integrity.) The fact that they were local was a big deal. If I had another property, I’d show it to the Painters before I did anything.”