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You live in a lovely community in Cincinnati. The place is perfect for your balanced semi-active, semi-laid-back lifestyle. The area is in perfect proximity to the local grocery store. The kids get to school in a half an hour drive before you get to work. The only problem is you have just received a big promotion and have to move out of your home for several years and relocate to another state next month! What’s more, your house is still on mortgage for the next seven years or so. These are the times when it’s time critical to get results and get them fast.

You must be racking your brain for ideas on how to sell your house fast and who to sell it it. You get bombarded by options of realtors who offer to get your house in the market and find you buyers. But then there is that nagging thought in your head that it probably will take a long time to really go through the process. Plus you need to sell your house fast for cash. You don’t have the luxury of waiting around for a buyer to pop an offer.  You are bound for another state with a bigger scope and job description at work. You seriously do not have time to inch your way into selling your house. You need to move and get settled in a new place soon and fast, so you need to sell your house fast, hopefully, before you leave Cincinnati.

If you’re looking for tips to sell your house fast, you have come to the right place. We won’t discuss the lengthy home-selling process so you’ll understand what you’re getting yourself into. We also don’t need you to do anything with your house. Yes, you can leave your house as it is. Have you ever heard of direct house buyers? All over Cincinnati, while there are realtors who can offer to help you sell your home, there are also direct buyers who can buy your house for cash. You simply need to connect with the right direct buyer who can help you meet your target timeline.

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If you feel you need a little research on selling a house before you proceed with yours, do some reading on the buying and selling process. Talk to realtors you know and find out what the options are for you. It never really hurts to give it a try and find out what works for you. The real estate deal is not a one-way road. You can simply run into so many options, you’ll feel overwhelmed mid-way through choosing. Generally, working with a realtor is the road taken by many. It offers the safe, secure, but gradual progress in selling and buying a house. What takes time in the process a realtor takes are the standard procedures followed by all realtors. A house cannot just be sold as is. It has almost never happened in the hands of realtors. If you want to sell your house for the value you perceive it, you need to be ready to make some adjustments. First, your house needs to be ready for valuation. You don’t normally get the exact amount you ask for. There are several things to consider before getting your house out in the market for potential buyers. Remember that these are only potential buyers and not guaranteed ones. Your house needs to go through listing. Listing a property needs pro photos and video walkthroughs around your house. So you see, you will be prompted to make some adjustments, repairs, and upgrades to the property you are selling. The photos and videos will mainly be for the purpose of marketing your property. Then you will have to wait for showings with interested buyers and hope to receive an offer after each showing. Once an agreement is reached between you and an interested buyer, your house will go through some adjustments you and the buyer will agree on. Your house also needs to undergo inspection. By the time all this is done, you can imagine you must already be fully settled in your new job and fully acclimated to your brand new environment.

So you see, the real estate buying and selling process takes a considerably long time. If time is something you do not have enough of, this process may be a little bit too much for you. This is especially true if you have to move to a different location soon. If you feel this is not a good fit, which is highly likely so, consider looking into the possibility of giving up your property to direct buyers. Cincinnati has its fair share of direct buyers who are able to purchase your house for cash.

We are direct buyers of properties all over Cincinnati. We can give you valuable insight on selling your house as is for cash if you need it done quick. Forget about tidying up your yard or fixing the structure to perfection. We buy houses as is and we buy them for cash. We can close in ten days or less, so you can move with peace of mind that you are not leaving with some loose strings tied back here. Talk to us and we’ll discuss the best options and arrangements for you. We are the Cincy House Buyer. Our years of experience as direct buyers have seasoned us into the subject matter experts you can feel at ease discussing your homeowner concerns with.

To sum up: We’re serious property buyers, and we mean business. Even if your house needs substantial work, we’ll make an offer on it in as little as 24 hours, and close fast, with no hassles.

We’re a Cincinnati company and we buy houses. It’s our business. We’re considerate and friendly, and always operate with the utmost integrity. We’re residents of Hyde Park and Cincinnati’s #1 direct house buyer.

We’ve already bought more than 650 houses in Cincinnati. If you’re ready to sell, we’re ready to buy your house for cash. Simply complete the form or call/text 513-445-2274.

We Buy Houses In Cincinnati, OH.

We’ve already bought more than 650 houses in Cincinnati. If you’re ready to sell, then We Buy Houses Cincinnati would like to make an offer for yours.
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Cincinnati Property Twins Mitch and Matt Painter buy houses “as is.” You don’t need to make repairs or improvements of any kind (our partners handle that). Revitalizing Cincinnati homes is a passion of the Painter twins, who believe in making it super easy for sellers to sell. They understand your need for execute quickly and can close in 10 days. If you’re looking for cash home buyers, Mitch and Matt are ready to do business with you.

“Mitch and Matt Painter made me a fair offer and bought my house very fast. They didn’t have to get a loan and were able to close right away. They were easy to work with and I was happy with the experience. I would recommend the Painter twins to anyone looking to sell their house.” -Jennifer Sharon