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Sell Your House Easily to the Cincinnati Property Twins.


or simply call/text 513-360-8120

How easy is it to sell to Cincinnati cash home buyers Mitch and Matt Painter? Let’s count the ways:

  1. Do nothing before selling to Mitch and Matt: The Cincinnati Property Twins are prepared to buy your property “as is” – even if it needs A LOT of work. With these cash home buyers, don’t bother painting, improving, or even cleaning.
  2. Don’t bother listing with a real estate broker – By selling to Mitch and Matt, you don’t have to worry about being handed a “to-do” list from a realtor before listing your property. Plus, you avoid a broker commission and end up with more cash.
  3. Forget about an inspection that could kill the deal – The Painter twins generally conduct just one walk-through of a property. From 22 years in the business, these buyers don’t need a deal-killing building inspector.
  4. Receive fair market value without the usual games – Unlike some cash home buyers, the Cincinnati Property Twins don’t waste time sending lowball offers. They’re busy and assume you are too. They promptly offer fair market value or even top dollar.
  5. No “Will that home buyer get a mortgage?” nightmares – People needing a mortgage on a property that needs work are often unable to buy. Banks don’t like issuing mortgages on properties they consider “distressed.” The Painters don’t need to apply for a mortgage. They have all the cash needed to complete this transaction.
  6. Avoid a public announcement that you’re selling – Have a renter currently in your property? Mitch and Matt don’t disturb tenants. Nor do they ask you to stick a “For Sale” or “Sold” sign on the lawn. They operate discreetly.
  7. Deal with sensitive buyers of properties in probate – Selling an inherited property? Mitch and Matt have bought more than 300 probate properties. They understand the need for executors to step through the selling process with minimal hassles.
  8. Receive your cash in 10 days – The Cincinnati Property Twins are able to complete an all-cash deal faster than almost anyone thanks to experience gained from buying 650+ properties. With a staff of 12, you experienced a streamlined transaction.
  9. Work with cash home buyers with deep Cincinnati roots – The Painters built their reputation the old-fashioned way: by doing the right thing in Cincy, years after year. They grew up in Clifton. They’re UC graduates. Their real estate business operates out of Hyde Park. They’ve earned the trust hundreds of sellers have placed in them.
  10. Get a Guaranteed Ballpark Offer – We guarantee to give you a prompt ballpark offer, regardless of your property’s condition. Simply complete the form on this page to get started and sell your Cincinnati house fast for cash.
A formerly grand Victorian-era house sits abandoned and partly overgrown by trees.

We Help Homeowners  in Cincinnati Sell Their Houses Fast.

Find a property buyer that specializes in “distressed” houses. If you live in or near Cincinnati, contact the Cincinnati Property Twins, who buy houses for cash, including homes in need of substantial improvement. They can give you a ballpark offer over the phone in as little as 24 hours. Simply complete the form or call/text 513-445-2274.

Ted McKenna

“The Painter brothers gave us fair value. They were higher on the bid, so we decided to go with them. The final offer was very fair for the house, considering the condition it was in. I figured nobody would pay that (amount). I was impressed when they said, ‘Cash offer – no realtor fees.’ I didn’t have to haggle. They were honest and upfront with me.”

~ Ted McKenna

See why Cincinnati property owners who need sell their house fast choose the Painter twins.

Complete This Easy Form to Get Your Guaranteed Ballpark Offer

Complete This Easy Form to Get Your Guaranteed Ballpark Offer

    Regardless of your property’s current condition, we guarantee to send you a ballpark offer via phone, text, or email within as little as 24 hours. Matt Painter is a licensed real estate agent, but the Painter twins aren’t hoping to get your listing. They want to buy your property.

    Why Sell To Us?

    We buy houses “as is.” You don’t need to make any improvements. Revitalizing Cincinnati houses is a passion of the Painters, who also believe in making it super easy for sellers to sell. The Painters end worries about lengthy closings. Mitch and Matt understand your need for fast execution. If you’re looking for a direct house buyer, these cash home buyers are ready to help.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why don’t you care if my house is a mess?2021-03-12T08:14:52+00:00

    In almost all cases, the houses the Painters buy are going to be renovated. As we said on our home page, we buy the good and the bad. Room dimensions and overall layout of the house are among the most important factors. Other major considerations are the age of major systems, including plumbing, electricity, and HVAC. Cosmetic repairs are of no concern; we simply expect to clean out and repair any property we buy. We often suggest sellers take only the belongings they wish to keep and leave the stuff they don’t want, to make the selling process as easy as possible for them.

    What if my property is in probate?2021-03-07T15:48:13+00:00

    The Painter twins specialize in probate property. We’re very familiar with the process and can work through it with you. We can easily make our purchase contingent upon approval by a probate court, to relieve you of worries about being held to the contract if the probate court doesn’t release the property. We’re very flexible with our timing as well. If your probate case takes longer than expected, or you need more time for any reason, no problem. Call or text us at 513-360-8120 or respond here to begin the process of having the Cincinnati House Buyer buy your probate house.
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    Is We Buy Houses A Scam2021-07-15T20:08:17+00:00

    Lots of “We Buy Houses” and “Sell Your House Fast For Cash” companies are operating these days. But unlike the majority of house buyers, the Painter twins use cash or an existing line of credit to buy houses. Because of this, they can close in as little as 10 days. Mitch and Matt Painter make it easy for Cincinnati property owners to sell a house “as is” – fast! They have a proven track record of buying houses for cash and the reviews to back it up. If you want to quickly sell your house, the Cincinnati House Buyer twins make it easy.

    I need to sell my house fast, for a fair price. What’s in it for you?2020-08-16T23:17:11+00:00

    The Painter twins are Cincinnati real estate investors who buy houses needing renovation – and TLC. They buy at a fair price and have partners make each property “like new.” From there, the house is sold at a reasonable profit. Each renovation project takes significant capital, risk, and hard work. The average project takes 3-5 months to complete. The Painters tend to pay more than other buyers, and are able to buy homes without having to get a loan.

    How does your selling process work?2020-08-16T23:18:34+00:00

    The Painter twins make it easy for Cincinnati property owners to sell a house “as is” – fast! Call or text us at 513-445-2274 or respond here to give us some basic information about your property. From there, we’ll typically be able to make a ballpark offer with 24 hours, even if we don’t initially get the chance to see the inside of your house. Once we agree on a price, we’ll sign a simple one-page purchase contract and set up the closing. All you have to do is show up to add your signature on the day of closing. That’s all there is to selling your house for cash!
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    How come you don’t need to get financing to buy my house?2020-08-16T23:18:04+00:00

    Unlike the majority of buyers, the Painter twins use cash or an existing line of credit to buy Cincinnati houses. Because of this, they can close in as little as 10 days. This means sellers avoid surprises – like a problem securing financing, and thus, a deal falling through – and receive their cash very fast. Since the Great Recession, it’s become more difficult for buyers to get financing. That’s why it’s often risky to sell to a buyer who needs to get a loan.

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