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We Buy Houses in Cincinnati is a local company that buys houses “as is” for cash. And president Mitch Painter has a purpose: nothing less than the revitalization of America, one house at a time..

Mitch Painter



Born and raised in Cincinnati, Mitch learned his business from the ground up, watching and following his dad, owner of a large commercial construction company.

The basics of building and the finer points of renovation provided a solid foundation, and Mitch started his own business—rehabilitating homes—while still enrolled at the University of Cincinnati. After graduation, he continued to build his business on the basis of a clear and dedicated vision. Then came We Buy Houses in Cincinnati
Mitch firmly believes in the importance of each home, both to the family that lives in it and to the dynamic history of the city.

Matt Painter



Matt is our creative director with great property management and construction skills.

Matt and team have been in real estate investing for over 15 years. We currently own over 170 apartment units and operate a full service in house maintenance and management staff.

If you don't own a home, buy one. ..